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US consumers chose BlackBerry Curve over iPhone in Q1

Posted on: May 6, 2009

TechBit BlackBerry iPhone (Photo Courtsey - AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Based on U.S. consumer sales of smartphone handsets in NPD’s “Smartphone Market Update” report, the first-quarter 2009 ranking of the top-five best-selling smartphones is as follows:

  1. RIM BlackBerry Curve (all 83XX models)
  2. Apple iPhone 3G (all models)
  3. RIM BlackBerry Storm
  4. RIM BlackBerry Pearl (all models, except flip)
  5. T-Mobile G1

Two factors that contributed strongly in moving BlackBerry Curve to top spot and capturing 3 positions among top 5 are:

  • “Verizon Wireless’s aggressive marketing of the BlackBerry Storm and its buy-one-get-one BlackBerry promotion
  • its broader availability on the four major U.S. national carriers (in comparison to iPhone exclusivity of AT&T)

The above study also pointed out that RIM’s share of the smartphone market rose a solid 15 percent to a full 50 percent, while both Apple and Palm both saw their shares fall 10 percent. Could this be because consumers are waiting for the new models (in the horizon are iPhone’s version 3 and Palm’s Pre) from them to be available?


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