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From Palm Pilot to Palm Pre: A Brief History of Palm’s Handhelds

Posted on: July 9, 2009

Will the Palm Pre be the last in a storied line of products, or will it mark the beginning of a new era for the once and former Palm, Inc.?

urlBeing a fan of palm’s handheld PDA (those mono-chrome ones), I always thought they would lead when it comes to making a great PDA phone/ smart phone. Looks like they have missed the boat along the way and never actually made that great effort until when they tried to revive the glory through “Pre”. “Pre” had created great pre-launch buzz in the industry and many dubbed the device as “iPhone killer”. But reality has been far from it. Lets look at the sales number.

According to Ed Snyder, co-founder and wireless industry analyst at Charter Equity Research, Palm sold 300,000 of the new smartphones in June, and another 75,000 in late May. Neither Palm nor sole-carrier Sprint have yet disclosed numbers, and some analysts put the June sales figure at 150,000. Snyder estimates that Palm will deliver about 1 million units during the first full quarter of manufacturing.

Apple’s new iPhone 3GS, with the 3.0 operating system, sold that many in its opening weekend. I guess the argument ends there.

Came across a great slide show “From Palm Pilot to Palm Pre: A Brief History of Palm’s Handhelds” @ network world paying tirbute. May be bit nostalgic for old fanboys of Palm PDA users.


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