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M1 introduces Nokia Messaging – bringing mailing solution to consumers

Posted on: July 9, 2009

Nokia-Messaging-Comes-to-Singapore-on-M1-2Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia and M1, one of the leading wireless carriers in Singapore, have announced today that a new, easy-to-use email service is coming towards the latter’s customers. The new service, none other than Nokia Messaging, comes to mobile phone users in the country with push email functionality, as well as with a rather affordable price tag – not to mention the fact that they can set up their email accounts in three simple steps.

M1 has also announced that its subscribers can now choose bundled data plans especially designed to fit the new service, while also stating that users in Singapore now have the chance to enjoy the Nokia Messaging solution on a range of 20 Nokia devices. One of the plans the carrier offers is the SunSurf Lite data plan, which comes at only 5.35 SGD per month.

The mobile phone carrier has also mentioned that the SunSurf Lite data plan offers users 20MB of free data, which allows them to enjoy the benefits of Nokia Messaging on any compatible device. Moreover, customers will also be able to enjoy the service’s features, including having emails pushed on their handsets, or support for email service providers such as Yahoo, Hotmail and Gmail. At the same time, the service offers support for local Internet service providers, including Pacific Internet, Cyberway and Qala.

“Almost everyone has a mobile handset and an email account these days, making Nokia Messaging an excellent way to access email on the go. By turning this application into a very affordable value-added service that is available on a wide range of Nokia handsets, we are confident that it will meet the needs of the many M1 customers who want to keep in constant email contact without incurring high mobile data charges,” said P Subramaniam, M1’s chief marketing officer.

Vlasta Berka, general manager, Nokia Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei, added that the new service that came through the collaboration between the two companies was meant to meet the continuously growing demand towards easy access of emails directly from mobile phones. “Nokia Messaging eliminates all the factors that have been barriers to mobile email adoption: it is easy to access and set up, it is easy to use and one can have up to 10 email accounts per device per subscriber. The idea is to make mobile email and messaging available to everyone,” Vlasta Berka added.

Source: Softpedia


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